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Table Tracker by LRS

Table Tracker For Fast Casual Restaurants


Table Tracker for Fast Casual Restaurants

Easily locate customers for fast efficient service.

Superb reporting that can identify problem areas in the kitchen or food flow.

Brand new technology from LRS for restaurant and hospitality industry communications to enhance service, reduce cold food
deliveries and analyse your back of house operations to show weak or poorly operating areas of the business
Table Tracker: antimicrobial to protect customers & staff learn more


    Table Tracker

    The Table Tracker Location or TableLocator™ is the most effective way to find diners in your fast-casual restaurant.





    Table Tracker Reporting is the most useful way to determine EXACTLY what is going on in your business.





    Table Tracker in the UK (United Kingdom) is being used by some of the biggest fast-casual restaurants around.





    Long Range Systems UK Offices offers a fantastic service for Table Tracker using fully trained employees.



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    There is also now a lower cost table tracker called Table Tracker Basic SI which starts from just £2795.00* and is suitable for a 30 table smaller site. The offer is available NOW but this is a self install option with support from us directly. Learn more about Table Tracker Basic SI.

    Table Tracker Basic SI is available from a number of outlets but all support is carried out by LRS UK so you can be sure of great support.

Videos of the Table Tracker Table Location System from LRS UK

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What is Table Tracker?

Table Tracker is an advanced table location technology specifically designed by LRS to speed up food delivery in fast-casual restaurants; it elevates the guest experience dramatically. Here's how it works: Food runners simply check a Table Tracker or TableLocator™ computer screen; they can immediately locate the order and the corresponding table on the provided map; deliver food quickly and efficiently. Diners get their fresh, hot food faster so there are no refunds for cold food delivery; and food runners no longer have to wander around the restaurant looking for table numbers as they do in most fast-casual restaurants.

The system comprises of a touch screen PC monitor (with Version 2) or an Apple iPAD tablet in V3 (really impressive on the iPAD PRO), a receiver, table tracker devices, starter and clearing units, a To-Go unit (if required and is optional) and lastly a map of the restaurant to help food runners find tables that we develop for you.

The table tracker device, is smaller than a CD and less than a half-inch thick; it's a very unobtrusive device. Once the diner places the device on the table, the Table Tracker detects the table number automatically and sends information to the kitchen display. There’s nothing on the table taking up premium table space; table tracker ensures tables are turned faster and orders are delivered promptly with as few food runners as possible.

Recently a group hospitality manager of one of the leading companies in the UK commented 'Table Tracker has really helped not only with speed of service but also by identifying where we can probe speed of service and make informed decisions with additional resource or cooking equipment. Before Table Tracker this would have been purely anecdotal. Now we can make investment choices based on facts'.

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