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Table Tracker and Customer Opinion

The best Table Tracking Location System available

Table Tracker from LRS is a unique PATENTED table location solution for fast casual restaurants. This system is already rolled out in a number of high profile UK companies and you will see them being used throughout the United Kingdom.

UK Sales and Support

Here in the UK LRS Offices have a very high standard of service and support and our customers can confirm that. But many of our clients don't particularly like to have LRS UK riding on the back of our customers success and their opinion matters. That's understandable and we always maintain a high integrity where customers request such limitations. We are now in hundreds of customer sites UK wide.

So we will show you a few examples of what our USA customers that do allow us to use for promotion and confirmation about the Table tracker systems that we sell and support here in the UK.

Customer Testimonials and Case Studies:


"Table tracker has really helped not only with speed of service but also by identifying where we can probe speed of service and make informed decisions with additional resource or cooking equipment. Before table tracker this would have been purely anecdotal. Now we can make investment choices based on facts"

David Condliffe M&S Group Hospitality Manager



MOD Super-Fast Pizza first opened its doors in downtown Seattle in 2008. It was founded by Scott and Ally Svenson and inspired by their love of authentic Italian street pizza and the UK Mod movement of the 60s and 70s. They wanted to create a place where busy families (like theirs) could go for a quick, delicious and affordable meal. The original super-fast pizza was born and it took off like a rocket. Now that MOD is cracking America, it’s time to bring it home to the UK.

Brynley Price – Technology Director outlined the overall requirements for the site:

The Challenge

At MOD Pizza we faced an operating challenge at our flagship restaurant in Leicester Square London, serving superfast pizzas to our customers over 3 floors. We needed to know where the customer was seated for our MOD Squad to run the orders.

A system was required that would support locating our customers at their tables after they have ordered, be easy to use for both staff and would not adversely impact the customer experience. Speed of service reporting to be an added bonus.

The Solution

Table Tracker! We found that table tracker was a perfect fit for our operational needs. Table Tracker’s features included:

• Exact Customer Location

• Extended Area Coverage

• Target Times for Deliveries of Food

• Simple to use

• Works Indoors & Outside

• Ability to Consolidate Results in to One Report

• Cost Effective with Great ROI

Long Range Systems UK Office installed the Table Tracker solution before the Leicester Square site opened and Table Tracker has operated successfully ever since. Table tracker is now rolling out in Mod Super-Fast Pizza throughout the UK.

Here is a link to a MOD Super-Fast Pizza review Table Tracker is included in the independent review by FrannyMac.


“Table Tracker helps our customers get in and get out so they can get back to work and their daily lives. — Chris Nicholas, Deli Manager, Jason’s Deli”


“The Table Tracker system helps our line guys as far as motivation and knowing which tickets they need to prioritize. — Chris Nicholas, Deli Manager, Jason’s Deli”


“The best thing about Table Tracker: Being able to get to a customer on time and able to focus on other details as a food runner. — Ashley, Jason’s Deli Shift Supervisor”


“Table Tracker has improved our operations overall. Customers express their gratitude for the noticeably improved level of service. By delivering food more quickly, customers are consistently getting their meals on time and at the right temperature. We love the color-coded screen, and the live reporting keeps our staff on their feet. We no longer need to search for customers, food leaves the kitchen quicker, tables turn faster and customer satisfaction scores are clearly increasing! I definitely recommend Table Tracker for any fast-casual restaurant. — Steve Fricker, Corner Bakery Franchisee”

Corner Bakery


Case Studies

Jason's Deli Case Study: Download Jason's Deli Case Study


"Table Tracker tells you where to go like a light beam to the table."

 Johnny Carrabba, Owner & Founder of the Original Carrabba’s & Mia’s: Download Table Tracker at Mia’s, by Johnny Carrabba Study


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