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Table Tracker by LRS

Table Tracker For Fast Casual Restaurants


Table Tracker is for Fast Casual Restaurants.

Deliver Food at Lightning Speed

Having efficiency built right in to a fast casual restaurant is not as easy as some may think. Often the tools for increasing efficiency are simply not available. Hands up anyone using wooden spoons with numbers on to find where the diner is seated? And there is no real alternative, until now.

Long Range Systems has developed Table Tracker the TableLocator™ to streamline operations and improve customer satisfaction while offering data metrics for management. Some of the most advanced technology available follows and reports on the entire service cycle – from ordering, seating, food delivery, to table clearing; what more, real-time data displays the order status and table locations for the fastest table-side service and dramatically improved customer experience and service.

The LRS table locator system is designed for fast-casual restaurants. Get the ability to enhance your customer experience through greatly improved staff efficiency and increased speed of service; our reporting system can measure and report on service, delivery and cleaning times.

We have even seen UK customers benefit by gaining insight from reporting of shortcomings in the back of house work flow. Customers have changed long standing procedures highlighted by Table Tracker for even more efficiency where it matters.

The results are spectacular.
table-locator The Table Tracker unit is developed with the very latest digital technology from Long Range Systems.

The unit utilises Lithium Polymer batteries that can operate up to three days from just one charge.

These devices are light yet robust and made from the highest quality materials; there's a rubber bumper area around the unit to protect it from damage.

A unique unit from a uniquely patented solution for fast-casual restaurants.


Here's how Table Tracker Works

When the diner places an order the cashier gives the diner a Table Tracker unit; This starts a timing mechanism on the system for that specific order.

The diner will locate a suitable seat and then puts the Table Tracker unit on the table; the Table Tracker unit uses special technology to determine which table it is located on and sends that information back to the touch screen computer or the Apple iPAD tablet in the expeditors area. You are able to have multiple screens if necessary.

As soon as the order is ready for delivery the runner will check the screen to locate exactly where the diner is sitting; the runner will know exactly which table the diner is located and can deliver the food while it is still piping hot quickly.

The runner takes the food directly to the table and there is no longer any 'I can't find the diner' issues at all. Once delivered the runner will return with the Table Tracker unit and 'clears' the order from the system; this action deletes the order and stops the timer on the computer and/or tablet.


  • Manager is notified of late orders
  • Nothing on table tops
  • Long Battery Life of the Table Tracker unit: as much as 3 days on a single charge
  • Easy to read colour coded status on the touch screen computer and/or tablet
  • To go unit speeds up delivery of take out food orders
  • Busser unit allows you to get an insight in to how long it takes to clean tables
  • Portable clearing unit allows you to clear orders immediately they are delivered
  • Local AND on-line reporting available
  • Multipoint reporting for order time, seat time, delivery time and close or cancel time.
  • The system can be installed in a 125 table venue in less than one day with virtually zero disruption
  • Training takes a very short time for staff and implementation is simple
  • Full UK customer support from LRS UK Offices


Late Order Notification

Everyone involved with the flow of the order can see the status of any given order easily because of colour coded orders on screen. If the order is within time it is grey; if an order is yellow then that order is approaching maximum set delivery time; lastly if an order is red then it is late to diner. A feature that notifies the manager if available; the manager can then use the opportunity to improve the diners experience. Managers love this option knowing that they will know if there are any issues with the order.

To Go

You will note that there is a 'To Go' order on the screen for fast casual restaurants that sell food to take away which is handled as simply as regular orders.



Service Speed

The secret to getting repeat business comes down to service to the diner. Fast food delivery and piping hot food are critical aspects; its essential to manage each aspect carefully to ensure those diners return. Table Tracker allows your restaurant to have an advantage over competitors; staff efficiency increases, diner satisfaction increases and profits increase.

Escalation of Notification

Table Tracker can be set up in such a way that notifies the manager if the device is not returned and cleared within a reasonable time; this allows the manager to talk to diners to let them know that their order will be with them soon; that's a big opportunity for your business and diners will really appreciate that extra attention.


The reporting on Table Tracker is exquisite. We have seen Table Tracker operators in the UK identify problem areas in the order flow and change that aspect for the better; and they can SEE the results in the reporting. The reporting collates table turn time and the number of times a manager may be called. In this way the Table Tracker system helps to resolve problems before your business suffers negatively.

Reducing labour Cost

The reporting system collects data and can present it in a meaningful way so that management know peak and slow times so that they can increase or reduce staff accordingly without affecting customer service in any way. And more efficient staff from utilising Table Tracker can reduce that staff cost overhead by even more; the Table Tracker system is easily justifiable as a business proposition and return on investment is a very short period indeed.

* Sometimes we have to use different table top mats depending on the table composition (i.e. metal construction) for example.

We have also just released out Tracker Basic - self install system - more information here: TTsystem-basic

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