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Table Tracker Reporting

Reporting that will prove productivity and service quality

We have all seen various restaurant systems that fail to give you information that can really allow you to manage your company; staff efficiency, productivity, customer service, work flow in the back of house and more are available when using Table Tracker TableLocator™ reporting; it actually DOES what it says on the tin!

Online and Local Reports

When you use Table Tracker in your fast-casual restaurant it continuously collects important and meaningful data metrics like no other system can. Information like diner wait times, diners served within your pre-set delivery times, late food delivery, delivery time by date and can show poor staff efficiency and more. In fact Table Tracker reporting can even show you where your back of house order flow is costing you money, customers or both!


Delivery Time By Date Reporting


Above is a simple example of delivery times by date report (this was an on screen report but you can download actual data) showing a result for a company; as you can see, delivery times for May 4th were far less acceptable than on the other days of the week; it will be relatively simple to determine why with other included reports or data that the Table Tracker system collects in real time.

Average Delivery Times Report


Similar to the previous report above it's really easy to see delivery times for food in your fast casual restaurant. Most companies set a maximum time that they are happy with and if the time exceeds that limit the manager can be notified. There are far more reports available, including consolidation and downloading of all collected data.


data metrics 


From information like this (and other information collected by the Table Tracker in real time) it is possible to identify many different issues that could actually cost the company either customers or reputation. The question is though, how would YOU collect this information without the Table Tracker system? and how much revenue are you losing that you may not be able to quantify?

Obviously we can only offer a couple of examples of just how great the Table Tracker TableLocator reporting actually presents but we are sure that this reporting will improve your business as it has done in countless others in the UK and around the world.

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