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LRS UK support for TableLocator™

Long Range Systems UK offices have been open here in the UK since January 2001 and LRS HQ in Dallas TX, USA since before 1993.

The UK offices offer some of the best support and service available from any company, and if we need to we don't hesitate to change any questionable product with new - factory fresh equipment. Other competitors simply repair over and over while equipment is in their shorter term warranties; when products are out of warranty they sell you new ones; it's typical in fact of the paging industry.

But LRS UK is different.

Customer Value

Our whole philosophy in the UK office is to treat customers as they should be treated and understand their problems and business. One thing that really proves the point to many of our new clients is that Long Range Systems UK offices continue to grow at 25% year on year while our competitors are either making tiny profits or even contracting and changing product brands over and over; you might wonder how long before those competitors close their doors forever?

Our customers success (achieved by service and support right from this UK office directly) is the reason why we're still growing; and we have gained customer account after customer account from companies that used to be with competitors; some of those companies tell us about how they were treated and we understand why they sought other suppliers.

We Guarantee the best service in the world for our products.

Being a manufacturers office is not quite the same as being some distributor. As a manufacturers office we focus on service and support and not what we can sell someone. We know our products like no other company and our fully trained technical staff know all there is to know about our products. Our philosophy is that with the best support, sales actually increase and we pick up new customers by word of mouth references over and over again. The customers we gain in this way would NEVER go back to that poor quality service and support that they suffered in the hands of competitors.

Customer References

As you can imagine, we have many customers who will confirm what we say, and often reference some terrible ways which they have been treated by their previous suppliers; it's hard to believe what previous competitor customers tell us and we understand completely why those customers chose to walk away from over pricing, bad service and little or no support, especially on products where competitors stopped selling and the customer had recently bought.

That sort of support and service will NEVER happen at Long Range Systems UK Offices. As a manufacturer we control quality, price and support and in each area there really is no competition. Please do call us if you would like some references from our customers as they can tell you far better than we can.

We look forward to helping you and your company to be more efficient and profitable with our equipment and we know from extensive experience that buying and working with LRS UK with our service and support can only benefit your company long in to the future.

For more information call 01782 537000 or fill out our contact form.