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Table Tracker by LRS

Table Tracker For Fast Casual Restaurants


Learning more about LRS

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Key Points

A Manufacturers Office

As a manufacturers office we offer the best service and support there is in the business. WE control the quality and pricing of all equipment so that customers can get quality, price and support, whereas distributors simply want to just make money from you. Buying DIRECT always makes sense.

Unique Patented Designs

When LRS invents a new design we patent it to protect your investment. This ensures that the products and solutions that you buy are effective and guaranteed to work as we intended when they were developed. Some companies just copy our designs but they always fall short of the real deal!

Full UK Sales, Support

We pride ourselves on the UK's sales and support facilities. If you need decent pricing, with quality AND support simply call us.


About our team...

Most employees have been with the company since it became the UK offices of Long Range Systems ...

It's important in any Technology company that the employees all know exactly what their role in the company should be; our employees are very customer focussed - one reason why our service and support is so good.

Every employee knows how customers needs are the number one thing on LRS UK list and we all strive to help our customers increase efficiency and productivity which in turn helps customers to be more profitable.

If you need the best service and support, or you need products developed specifically for a particular use then LRS can help.

LRS UK Offices

This office was opened in January 2001. Our objective (at that time) was to develop LRS products here in the UK; although the LRS brand is a world leader today, back in 2001 the brand was extremely well known in the USA (where our HQ is based) but less so in the UK.

Since that time, LRS UK offices have expanded at 25% growth every year since and continue to do so because our values are often the same as our customer values. Quality, Price AND Support are key in opening new accounts and keeping those accounts. We supply some of the biggest companies in the United Kingdom with paging and other specialist products such as Table Tracker the TableLocator™ invented and patented by LRS.

Learning about our Table Tracker changes everything if you operate a fast casual food restaurant where you deliver food directly to the diners table.

Of course Long Range Systems are developing new and unique products perpetually and those products are not available from any other company. Who is best to support those products? LRS UK of course.

We thank you for visiting this website and you might also want to visit our main website at www.lrspagers.co.uk or indeed call us on 01782 537000 or fill out our contact form.